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Edith Rewa’s Natural World

Super excited to welcome a brilliant young Aussie artist/botanist to our humble blog today. Edith Rewa Barrett lives in a natural world where textile design, illustration, silk scarves and art prints are her daily jam. Edith is a stirred by all things botanical and Australian, so it’s no coincidence that she lives in the Blue… Read more »


The Australian Tapestry Workshop has been working since the 1970s to preserve the ancient textile tradition of tapestry, in a contemporary Australian context. The workshop creates beautiful tapestry representations of the work of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, using woven techniques that date back to the 15th century. Each artwork is made from a selection… Read more »


Romance Was Born is known for their love for Australiana, but this season they went in a different direction – in more ways than one. For their Spring Summer 2012 collection, shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Marvel Comics was their none-too-subtle theme, conceptualised with bold graphic prints comprised of the familiar faces of The Hulk… Read more »

Linda Jackson

With embellishments that range from Aboriginal textile art, gum leaf stencils, organza Sturt’s Desert Peas flowers, Sydney Opera House appliqué and pleated silk gum nut hats, the influences of Australia’s expansive natural landscape and rich indigenous culture on Linda Jackson’s work are far from subtle. Her career in fashion took off during the 1970s with… Read more »

From The Land Of Oz

Australians are often guilty of a cultural inferiority complex, a sentiment that has manifested as a result of our colonial origins. The 60s is a time known for rebellion and hedonism – a testament to the collective power of youth – with many personalities from the era immortalised as pop culture icons. But it seems… Read more »


It would be impossible for anyone who grew up in Australia to see the illustrations of May Gibbs’ ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ series (first published in 1918) and not draw a smile. Her tales of gumnut babies, Banskia men, wise old kookaburras and other characters of the bush created a unique Australian mythology. With a pefect… Read more »