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Moroccan Girl Gangs

We’ve posted about the work of London-based Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj before and now he’s back with a new exhibition showing at  Taymour Grahne gallery in New York City. He’s released a new series of photographs, and this time instead of Moroccan rockstars, it’s motorbike girl gangs looking fresh with Nikes, polka dots and Lolita sunnies.

A New Age For Azerbaijani Carpets

Faig Ahmed is an Azerbaijani carpet artist challenging the traditions of this ancient art culture. The carpet is a symbol of invincible tradition of the East, it’s a visualization of an undestroyable icon. Faig likes to play with expectation and reaction incorporating tradition art techniques with contemporary patterns and images. More here:

The Rainbow Castle

Castello di Sammezzano is a rainbow castle atop a hill in Tuscany, that is sadly now abandoned. Built in 1605, the castle was once the home of kings and is decorated in astonishingly elaborate Moorish decorative style. Every inch is tiled and engraved with patterns and colours, not even fairytale could dream up something this beautiful!

Low And Behold

Geometry, colour and light are the basic principles of New York based sculptor Phillip Low‘s perspex and acrylic sculptures. Shaded with gradients and bright bolts of colour on each surface, the transparency of the material allows these colours to blend and reflect so that each sculpture to looks different from every angle. This kinetic effect,… Read more »

Summer Is Fading Away

While it may not be fair to say that summer is fading, we love this series of photographs for perfectly evoking those still, warm and calming moments of summer when the heat of the day begins to fade, the crickets purr and everyone is plastered with a sleepy smile. Titled ‘L’été se meurt’, the series… Read more »

Kour Pour

Kour Pour is half British and half Persian. His father owned a rug shop and would hand dye faded antique rugs, passionately preserving their history and meanings. Moving from London to LA he felt a sense of displacement and began working on recreating the magic carpets he became so familiar with as a child. Trawling… Read more »

Lucas Grogan

Melbourne artist Lucas Grogan works with different medium – paint, needlepoint, enamel, engraving – exploring Islamic pattern, Aboriginal art, and modern day vernacular. Trawling social media and newspapers Grogan identifies expressions and statements that he includes in his work with irreverence and humour. We loved his collaboration with Rittenhouse, creating digital prints for the Sydney-based… Read more »

Blank Blank Blank

Happy New Year! We hope all our customers and readers had lovely break with their families. To kick off 2014, we have the gorgeous work of digital artist Petra Cortright to feast on. Born in 1986, Petra defiantly considers herself an artist of the digital age sourcing all her material from the Internet. Her first solo… Read more »

All That You Can Feel

What do the chemicals of hedonistic night lovers look like? After years of working in Berlin’s nightlife scene photographer Sarah Schoenfeld was curious to find out. So she took microscopic images of illegal drugs, revealing intricate works of chemical beauty. Of the project she explains: ‘Since the 1950s, we in the western world have increasingly… Read more »

Absurd Bird

We love Australian artist Claudia Damichi’s hyper-coloured surrealist still life paintings, using patterned surfaces as a dramatic backdrop. Quizzical birds, chairs, flowers all contribute to the absurdist settings of her paintings with stage-like sensibility where perspectives are reshaped, colour inflated and elaborate patterns feature throughout. More work here:

Katrien Van Hecke

Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Katrien Van Hecke has worked for has worked for Bernhard Wilhelm, Christian WIjnants and Hussein Chalayan. Based in Antwerp Katrien has begun her own label, focusing on handcrafted textiles, hand-dyed artisan garments, woven jacquard designs and knits. Of her textile processes Katrien explains: “Since color is so important… Read more »

The Graduate: Heleena Arabatzis

Textile designer and recent graduate Heleena Arabatzis was this year’s pick for the Think Positive award for interiors’ textile design. We interviewed her on her creative processes and plans for the future. What was the main source of inspiration behind your textile designs? For my graduation collection ‘Ulterior Motif: noble native s/s 2013/14’, the source… Read more »