Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) is perhaps better known for his Marrakech garden than he is for his art these days. The Yves Klein blue sanctuary just outside the walls of old city is a calming oasis from the heat and bustling energy of Marrakech and one of the city’s most loved sights. Jacques arrived in Marrakech in 1917 after being demobilized from military service. He quickly left behind the humid climate of Casablanca and discovered Marrakech, the oasis-city whose colours, light and “souks soaked with fertile and happy life” immediately captivated him. His beautiful paintings perfectly capture the colour and energy of Morocco.

jacques-majorelle-lJacques-Majorelle-Marché-à-Macenta-Guinéee-1952-e1437071734820 Page_2_Image_0001-l 3.1.2-Jacques-Majorelle-Femme-berbère-Marrakech-1921.
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