Founded in 2012 by Brooklyn based artist and designer, Phillip David Stearns.

Glitch produces textiles that render subtle structures of digital reality into intimate, tactile materials. Their designs are expressions of the abstract and invisible language of digital technologies. They believe that the immaterial world of the digital has a vital materiality, and that materiality has the power to touch and move us.

IMG_1556_1024x1024 GB-PS_0005-JW-1 PaintedNebula-IMG_0226 DCP_3135-IMG_0210 DCP_1383-IMG_0215 PIC00008-IMG_0204 OrionAscending-IMG_0244 FieldsOfGreen-IMG_0236 PIC00008-IMG_0205 DCP_1383-IMG_0219 DCP_3135-IMG_0211
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