Artist Barbara Kasten has been making art since the 70s. Known for her exploration of space, her work sits at the cross section of photography, sculpture and installation. This series ‘Construct’ Kasten has been producing in various forms since the 80s. The temporary set-like constructions are made to be photographed in approximately 4 to 8 feet square spaces. Color, form and space are recorded with an 8×10 or 4×5 view camera.

1983_Construct-NYC_4_LO-503x600 1983_Construct-NYC_5_LO-469x600 1983_Construct-NYC_6-LO-454x600 1983_Construct_NYC_7_LO-458x600 1983_Construct-NYC_10_LO-600x475 1982_Construct-NYC-11_LO-475x600 1984_Construct-NYC-12_LO-470x600 1984_Construct-NYC_16_LO-600x475 1984_Construct-NYC_18_LO-600x476 1984_Construct-NYC_19_LO-600x474 1984_Construct-NYC_20_LO-600x475
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