Mossman Gorge Centre

IMG_2090 We had the pleasure of working on a very special project with Linda Jackson and the Mossman Gorge Centre, printing the artworks of local Aboriginal artists to create silk scarves.

We interviewed two of the artists featured Sheryl Burchill and Pam Salt:

What inspires your process of making art?

Pam: My culture

Karen: The stories of my people, the animals, the mountains we live in and the dances we do.


What form of Medium do you mainly work with ?

Pam: Canvas & lino printing

How has the experience been working along side Australian Artist, Linda Jackson on this project for Mossman Gallery?

Pam: Linda is an inspiring person, and she helped me translate my ideas into textile designs.

Karen: Linda taught my mum, so it makes me happy that she is teaching me too. She is interesting and inspiring.


In particular what was the inspiration behind the artwork for your Scarf?

Pam: I used the dilly bag because it is an ancient vessel, and water is life to me.

Karen: I told the cultural story of the mountain (Manjal Dimbi) for my scarf.


How does your perception of your work change seeing it presented in a different context such as textiles?

Karen: I am overwhelmed to see my design as a scarf, and very proud.

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