Acne Studios have collaborated with famed NY sculptor Peter Schlesinger on a range of luxe silk pyjamas printed with artwork inspired by the shapes, lines and form of his work. To accompany the collection Acne have also released a monograph of photographs of the artist’s work spanning 40 years.

For Peter Schlesinger, pyjamas are about everything but bedtime. “They are so comfortable,” he says, stating that he wears them “at home, in the studio and walking the dog”. Asked what time of the day he wears them, his answer was simple: “never in bed”. The pyjamas  are made to be seen, not hidden under bedsheets. The collection fully explores the possibilities of silk pyjamas, featuring a wrap jacket, silk T-shirts, shorts and pants. Does Schlesinger believe more people should wear pyjamas as part of their everyday look? “Of course,” he says.




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