In 1950 renowned photo journalist Gisèle Freund travelled to Mexico for a 2-week trip. She stayed 2 years. Moving in with Frida and Diego documenting their private space with intimate, striking imagery. The rare photos document the last years of Frida’s life before the visionary artist passed away at the age of 47. Freund describes Frida with powerful insight: “She was a formidable being, but in great distress … not only because of the physical pain due to her terrible tram accident [Kahlo suffered serious injuries after riding on a bus that collided with a trolley in 1925] but because she was a deeply conflicted being. She loved men, but did not turn away from women. She would shower you with gifts large and small, ranging from a charm, a tiny brass ex-voto, or a good luck stone to pre-Columbian pottery, as well as the heavy jewelry that she was crazy about … One day she told me: I don’t want to live a long time. I am really suffering too much.”

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