For anyone with a love of colour and pattern, it would be hard not to have an affection for African waxprint fabrics, for their bold unique aesthetic at the very least. We’ve posted about their interesting history, and now we’ve discovered a new modern take on the fabrics to indulge in. Safura is an accessories label from Barcelona. Inspired by her far reaching ancestry, designer Tania Adam created the range as a meeting point between the different styles and latitudes of the world in which we live. Safura is the name of her grandmother, the daughter of an Indian trader who settled in Tete (Mozambique). Her legacy, a mixture of Africa and Asia, has travelled to different corners of the world through her grandchildren and great grandchildren, finally reaching the city of Barcelona.

The collection is beautiful photographer in warm, starkly contrasting neutral settings that really help to make the prints pop. See more from Safura here:

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