Pucci in Motion


The Baiadera GIF plays on the idea of a wave, swelling and undulating across the pattern for a hypnotic result characteristic of the sea as a place of relaxation, calm and therapy.


British label Orlebar Brown have teamed up with It’s Nice That and animation studio Animade to bring to life some of the classic prints of Emilio Pucci. The Italian fashion house has contributed a range of prints from the Pucci archives for a collection of beach wear for upcoming spring/summer season.

Born to one of Florence’s most distinguished families, print maestro Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento first designed a brightly patterned ski suit, which was the birth of the Pucci fashion house. The Italian label has been famous for its kaleidoscopic prints and riotous colours and has naturally embodied the jet set glamour of post-war Italy.

He pulled colour from the natural landscapes of the Mediterranean, and from the exotic locales to which he travelled. He pushed geometry and psychedelic pattern into fashion – each piece like a work of art.

Read more at http://www.orlebarbrown.co.uk/ob-approved/emilio-pucci-the-making-of-a-print


The Dischi GIF hints at a boat’s propellers cutting through the sun-kissed sea, causing a ripple effect out to the edges of the pattern.


The Labirinto GIF is influenced by the idea of water being disturbed, uncovering and concealing the water’s surface in a dazzling form. The constant shifting of the pattern hints at hidden depths representing the mystery, exploration and adventure that lie beneath the water’s surface.

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