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SS2015 Woman

Prada has released an online archive of their projects, films, collections, shows and campaigns dating back to 1987. Browsing the extensive library of Prada’s work, it’s amazing to see the way the label has evolved within the cultural landscape. The fashion powerhouse has been responsible for some of the fashion world’s most iconic prints covering everything from feminismhotrods, bananas, geometrics, marine stripes, to the iconic lip print pleated skirt all the way back in 2000. Check it out!


SS2014 Woman

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‘In the Heart of the Multitude’  – Catwalk setting from the SS2014 show, by muralists Miles “El Mac” MacGregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, and Stinkfish, and illustrators Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet, who created art around themes of femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity on the walls of the Via Fogazzaro show space in Milan.

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A scene from Prada “Real Fantasies’ collage. Fantasy world collages are created for each collection.

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SS2012 Woman – hotrods!

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SS2011 Woman – bananas!

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Real Fantasies – SS2012

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Real Fantasies SS2011

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SS2008 Woman

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FW 2007

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SS2005 – Woman

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FW2004 Woman

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FW2003 Woman

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SS2000 Woman

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