UntitledCeramicFacepot4 copy 2_v2

These are Facepots. Aren’t they sweet? Their smiley faces are so simple in form, yet they warmly bring to light the simplicity of human expression. Smiley = happy.¬†Their slapdash assembly only adds to their charm, along with the high-gloss pop colours. These happy creations are by artist Dan McCarthy. His glossy rainbow paintings are also worth a shout, because rainbows and smiles are the best.


UntitledCeramicFacepot2 copy 2_v2 UntitledCeramicFacepot49 UntitledCeramicFacepot30 copy 2_v2 UntitledCeramicFacepot45 UntitledFacepot 55 UntitledCeramicFacepot31 copy 2_v2 UntitledFacepot 53 UntitledFacepot 60 


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