Mary Katrantzou x Adidas Originals



Print queen Mary Katrantzou has stamped her signature print awesomeness for Adidas Originals. Focusing on the details of Adidas’ vast archive of running shoes Mary’s prints are macro visions of sneaker textures – laces, mesh, rubber soles and piping – warped in bright pop colours.

Released in store in November.

mary-katrantzou-adidas12 mary-katrantzou-adidas11 mary-katrantzou-adidas10 mary-katrantzou-adidas9 mary-katrantzou-adidas8 mary-katrantzou-adidas3 mary-katrantzou-adidas2 mary-katrantzou-adidas6 mary-katrantzou-adidas5 mary-katrantzou-adidas4 mary-katrantzou-adidas1






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