Building Blocks


In a tiny town in South India called Tiruvannamalai, there is a style of architecture that dates back to the 1930s, but looks like the vision of an Italian memphis designer Ettore Sottsass. (Read our post on Memphis here.) Some suggest that Sottsass himself may have come across the houses during one of his many trips to India. How literal the inspiration is or whether there is some relationship between this little town and post-modern Italian design movement, no one can be sure. Taken by French photographer Vincent Leroux, the rainbow geometric shapes all piled up like building blocks are incredibly striking. 

tirunamavalai_8_5988.jpeg_north_1160x_white tirunamavalai_7_2315.jpeg_north_1160x_white tirunamavalai_6_9979.jpeg_north_1160x_white tirunamavalai_5_2744.jpeg_north_1160x_white tirunamavalai_4_7761.jpeg_north_1160x_white tirunamavalai_3_4169.jpeg_north_1160x_white tirunamavalai_2_481.jpeg_north_780x_white tirunamavalai_1_1921.jpeg_north_1160x_white
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