Suriname Dreams


As big fans of Viviane Sassen  to see a selection from her new series of photographs “Suriname Dreams” a continuation of the subject of her life’s work: her birthplace Africa. Her photographs are captured in the remote Surinamese jungle village of Pikin Slee.  Deep within the rainforest, its 4,000 inhabitants are mostly members of the Saramacca tribe, ancestors of the Maroons who escaped slavery on the Dutch plantations in the 18th century. “You can actually speak Dutch with people who descend from African slaves in the middle of the jungle in South America which is such a weird thing to look at in terms of history,” she says.  “What caught my eye was the very traditional way of living, the beauty of overwhelming nature, and the notion of the strange lines of faith which tied together my own history and theirs, in the form of our mutual connections to Africa and the Netherlands.”


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