Dreaming Of India


All of those who have travelled to India will know it is a sensory experience that will never leave you. It is everything you read and hear about and more. For a traveller it is pure escape: challenging, foreign, exotic and far from anything you know. These gorgeous photographs by Sydney photographer Andrew Jacona, certainly do the magical experience that is India justice and leave us craving another escape.

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andrew-jacona-012 India_2012_04934 River of My Fathers Varanasi Holy Man India Film 494 copy Karni Mata Rat Temple Diptych Sadhu 1 Udaipur Cenotaphs India Film 547 copy Boy on horse CNV000001 copy 2 India Film 410 copy India-by-Andrew-Jacona-11 India-by-Andrew-Jacona-2 India-by-Andrew-Jacona-5
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