geometrics miu miu prada fall 2012 jonathan saunders


Intricate geometrics have proven to be the leading print for Fall with Miu Miu, Prada, Jonathan Saunders and Aquilano Rimondi leading the way in rich wintery colours like burgundy, eggplant and amber. Traditionally, complex repeats of points, lines and curves are mostly identified with Islamic art. The teachings of the Qur’an preach undivided devotion to Allah; the adulation of humans and animals is prohibited. Although mandates against figural representation in art are not outlined specifically, these teachings were rigidly appropriated by the early leaders of Islam.

Principles of unity, symmetry, order and logic have influenced art and design cultures across the world for centuries. Geometric patterns may have reached their pinnacle in the Islamic world but similar ornamental designs are also evidenced in late antiquity among the Greeks, Romans, and Sasanians in Iran. There is an indirect, yet close connection between these dizzying patterns and the development of mathematics and astronomy. Many artists of these geometric designs were unaware that they were preceding the development of complicated mathematical formulae centuries later.

Jonathan Saunders AW12

Aquilano Rimondi AW12

Aquilano Rimondi AW12

Prada AW12 fall 2012

Prada AW12

miu miu 2012 fall

Miu Miu AW12