Pee Viggi And Squaw

Pee Viggi and Squaw

These Photochrom prints are from the collections of the Detroit Photographic Company (est. 1888), who recorded colour images of American life for magazines and postcards, long before the technology of colour photography was possible. The company secured exclusive rights to the Swiss-developed Photochrom technology, which transfered black and white negatives onto lithographic printing plates. Photographers were employed to travel the country for long periods of time taking photos of urban and rural life and other communities from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Thousands of images were taken from 1888 up until WWI, when declining sales and more advanced technologies forced the company into receivership in 1924.

Yucca Cactus at Hesperia, California

Women at the Matate, Moki Pueblos

Ojibwas. Equai and Papoose.

Children of Chinatown, Los Angeles, California

Picking Oranges

Canyon of the Rio Las Animas, Colorado

Mission San Luis Rey from the Cloisters

Monday Washing Day, New York

Gold of Ophir Roses, Carmelita, Pasadena

Laurel Blossoms

Azaleas of the Deep South

Cathedral Interior, Havana, Cuba

Apache Chief James A. Garfield,

Apache Chiefs Garfield, Ouche-te Foya and Sanches

Oraibi, Arizona. Thanksgiving Dance

Home of Rip Van Winkle, Sleepy Hollow, Catskill Mountains.

Papago Indians

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